viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Flavours of Spain, Part 10: Aunt Paquita's Lemon Pie

Today I'm going to reveal a family secret... the Aunt Paquita's Lemon Pie recipe!

Aunt Paquita's Lemon Pie is my dad's and brother's favourite dessert and every time my mum bakes it at home, it dissappears in less than 5 mins.

You're probably thinking: But who is Aunt Paquita?? Well, she's not my aunt and, actually, as I started to bake this recipe, I was asking myself the same question. I was so confused I started to think that maybe Aunt Paquita never existed and that she was only a mythological character invented by my mum in order to make her recipe more interesting.

So I called my mum, and she explained to me that Aunt Paquita actually existed and wasn't a legendary character. Paquita was the wife of my Grandma's brother. So she was one of my father's aunts. She invented this wonderful Lemon Pie and today, in honour of herself and my Grandma (who cooked AMAZING too), I'm going to bake these Aunt Paquita's Lemon Pie Cupcakes.


  • 1 big glass of milk
  • 3 tbsp Maizena
  • 3 eggs
  • 7 tbsp sugar
Pre-heat the oven to 180º (well, on the original recipe it says "moderate heat"... and that's all... so I decided to use 180º! haha)

Make a bechamel heating the milk with the Maizena. It has to be have a thick texture.

Whisk on a bowl the three egg whites, until the form firm peaks. Add slowly the 7 tbsp of sugar and then the 3 egg yolks (previously beaten) and the Bechamel.

Now fill the cupcake cases with this mixture (no more than 3/4 of each case) and bake for around 20 mins (the pie, when baked as pie, takes around 30 mins, if you'd like to try it too). Check with a skewer if it's done.

Let the cupcakes cool down while you make the sauce.

These are my freshly baked cupcakes!

Now let's prepare the sauce (YUM!!!!!!!!!!)

  • 2 lemons
  • 100 g. sugar
  • 50 g. butter
  • 2 eggs, beaten
Put the juice from the lemons, their grated zest, 1/2 glass of water, and all the rest of the ingredients in a saucepan. Bring it to the boil, slowly, and stirr continuously until it gets thick!

Then decorate your cupcakes with this sauce:

Theoretically (and that's what I did), the sauce has to be hot when poured over the pie (cupcakes in our case)... but you can see what happened: my cupcake liners bent because of the heat. (Ok, I bought 100 cases for 0.69€ at Aldi... what could I expect??? haha)

Somehow (as you can see from the "Blueish" colour of my pics) there isn't light at all anymore in the afternoons here. So I decided to take some pictures in my living room too:

They were delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrew had 3 in a row... ok, me too! hahaha

WARNING: EAT THEM WITH A SPOON!!! or you'll have to clean the floor (or the carpet, which is even worse!!)

That's all for now... more recipes coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow these look great! I found your blog today and I love it! I'm American (but I live here in Madrid) and didn't realize there was much cupcake interest here. A few years ago in the US I took some cake decorating courses with Wilton-- so much fun! I also have a blog where I talk about Spain and Spanish food you should check it out sometime! Bueno, gracias por la inspiración! Mucha suerte!!! - Lauren

  2. alma lo puedes hacer la receta en español?

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