viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010

Two books, a ginger man made of shortbread and a cherry pie...

I was going wait to post until tomorrow, but today Andrew had "early service" (which implies getting up WAY TOO EARLY)... and that basically means that I had lots of extra time in the morning (because I never manage to fall asleep again once he's gone).
During my extra morning time, I was thinking about some baking experiments I hadn't posted... and I decided to prepare this post... so here we go :)

First: my ginger man made of shortbread. I made it with the extra dough I had left from baking this cookies. I used a silicon mould that came with my cookie cutters (it was a children's baking set, haha... so cute!!!) and had to bake it for quite a long time (20 mins, I think). Then I used coloured sugar pens to decorate it... They look cute but, believe me... they taste HORRIBLE!! I'm never using them again!

Well, that's my second baking experiment from last week. I was going to follow this recipe from Good Food but then I was tired and had some extra puff pastry left from the Chicken Pie I was baking so...

I put the cherries with a bit of their liquid in the mould, covered it with puff pastry, then brushed its surface with beaten egg and finally sprinkled sugar over it. 20 mins at 180º and...YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to thank my brother Josetxu Obregón , and his girlfriend,Tamar Lalo, because I discovered this "Morello Cherries" thanks to them. How? Well, Tamar bakes the most amazing cake ever using these cherries. They asked me to check their price here ("Morello cherries" are VERY expensive in Spain) and, as I found out they were 75 cents here, I decided to buy a jar and ended up baking this (DELICIOUS) pie... so... Thank you Tamar and Josetxu!!! I'll buy some jars for you and bring them with me to Spain, I promise!!!

Before saying bye, I can't resist recommending two books I just got. First of all, this amazing sweets book byHope and Greenwood.
You can see more pictures from the inside at I got it for 7€ and it's worth every cent!!! It includes the recipes for toffee, fudge, coconut ice...YUMMMMM!!!!!
It's true the recipes are way too complicated for me... but even only looking at the pictures is already amazing!!!!!
And the second book is this Afternoon Tea book by Australian Women's Weekly.

From this book, I love every recipe, every picture, everything!!!! I'm in love with this book!!!!!!!! And now that we're speaking about Afternoon Tea, I have to say... I'm going to England with Andrew next wednesday!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only for a (LOOOONG) weekend, but I can't wait!!!!
(Andrew's parents' garden in Hertfordshire... I LOVE IT!!!)

And... as if only going to London itself wasn't exciting enough... we're going to make one of my dreams come true: Visit Bath, its Christmas Market... and have an Afternoon Tea at the Pump Rooms!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oops... now this is the post that leads you all to discover that, apart from cupcakes, I love Jane Austen, Afternoon Tea, Victorian Ages, Old-Fashioned Sweets and English culture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Haha... don't want to bore you so...
Watch out for some TURRÓN DE CHOCOLATE SUCHARD cupcakes coming this weekend!!!!

PS: Whilst in London, I'll finally confirm the date for the most important day of my life... I'll tell you more soon!!!!!!!

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