lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

Flavours of Spain, part 7: Agua de Valencia

Today we’re back to traditional Spanish drinks… and this time it’s one of my favourites… “Agua de Valencia”.

Even though its name literally means “Water of Valencia”, it’s actually a cocktail created by mixing champagne (or cava), orange juice, and a bit of vodka and gin. (Check Wikipedia for the whole history of the drink)

I didn’t have gin or vodka at home (I prefer beer, to be honest) so my cupcakes ended up being Champagne Cupcakes with Champagne-Orange Icing… But anyway, the flavour was actually pretty similar to the “Agua de Valencia” I’ve drank in Spain so many times.

As for the recipes, my Champagne Cupcakes recipe comes from Gimme some oven. I followed her instructions carefully and the cupcakes were perfect. However, if you happen to have vodka and gin at home, you could then use only ½ cup of champagne and add ¼ vodka and ¼ gin… they’ll be delicious and more genuine!!!

The result after 22 mins in the oven:

As for the buttercream icing, I didn’t use her recipe, but my orange buttercream icing recipe instead. I replaced one of the orange juice tbsp for a champagne tbsp.

Please DON’T add the champagne here if the cupcakes are going to be eaten by any children. Any alcohol added to the batter disappears when cooked in the oven, but the alcohol in the icing stays there!!

I then decorated them with edible glitter:

They were delicious! Sadly, I only got to try one and, when I came back from running my first 10km race yesterday, I found out that they had all been eaten already by our guests!!!!

I know, I know... I could have baked a few more but I was tired so I ended up eating an incredible amount of bread with strawberry jam... Who said that running helps to lose weight?? hahaha.

More recipes coming soon!!!


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  1. This recipe looks lovely! I have only recently discovered your blog, but I absolutely love it!! :D

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes! Yay! So glad you have an English site now also!

  3. There will always be a need for income disparity just as a time for cupcake! A need to write my essay won't stop me from cooking today!


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