lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Beer Cupcakes (Wish me luck in this contest...)

These are my beer cupcakes, baked in order to take part in the contest held by La Cocina de Sara and Esteve i Ferrón. The prize is beer and wine... :) oh yes!

I baked these cupcakes on a very cold day in Frankfurt... the snow is real!!!


Ingredients for 10/12 cupcakes:

  • 50-75 ml. beer
  • 100 gr. butter
  • 100 gr. sugar
  • 100 gr. flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp baking powder

Heat oven to 180º.
Mix the ingredients as you would do in any other cupcake recipe, adding the beer CAREFULLY at the end (Taste the mixture as you add it. Depending on the beer you use, it could get bitter and we don't want that!!! If it gets bitter, stop adding beer and add milk instead until you get the right texture). I used a non-bitter German beer, but also an Ale or Guinness beer would be perfect!!
Fill the moulds (only 3/4) and bake for 20-22 mins.

You'll get something like this... YUM!

For the Buttercream:

  • 125 gr cacao
  • 125 gr icing sugar
  • 50 gr vegetal shortening
  • 50 gr butter
  • 3 tbsp beer (use water instead if it's going to be eaten by children!)
I decorated my cupcakes with various things...

I hope you like them!!!

PS: Don't forget to take part in my Christmas Giveaway :)

38 comentarios:

  1. I love your blog, the cupcakes look delicious!! I hope everything goes well in the competition! Bueno suerte! xx

  2. Alma! como me has transportado a uno de msi mejores momentos! chica eres unica! yo soy vzolana, vivo en barcelona,españa, en mi infancia hay recuerdos de pasarle el dedo a las paletas llenas de mezcla de cupcakes de vainilla que nos hacia mi tia para merendar! pero me has llevado al recuerdo de mis clases de ingles pre-universitarias, mi primera receta explicada en clase fie de beer cookies! jaja inventada claro con mi ayuda de mi tia! son divinas! tengo que pasarte la receta jaja! gracias por tu pagina, los post y tutoriales y sobre todo por traer a españa la hermosa y divina tradicion de los cupcakes!!!

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