domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Christmas is here!!!!!!

Christmas is here!!!
That's it! I can't wait anymore to bake christmas sweets...

Oops... better said... I can't wait anymore to announce that "Christmas is here" because I've been baking Christmas Sweets for more than a month now!! haha.

But first... I want to speak about two things:

My Christmas Table Runner, that I cross stitched 2 years ago... I'm proud of it :)
I even wrote to the magazine I got the pattern from:

I hope you like it, as I plan to feature it as atrezzo in many of my christmas pictures! haha.

Secondly, I wanted to tell you about my parents...
They're THE BEST!!!!
Why?? This is the proof:

What?? A box of Polvorones is the proof??
They sent me this lovely box to make sure I have Spanish Christmas Sweets to create my cupcakes... and inside they also put...

Suchard Chocolate Turrón!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Hard and Soft Almont Turrón!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So all I can say is:
Thank you Mami y Papi!!!!!!!! You're the best!

Now, about my Snowman cucpakes...

I used the recipe from my coconut cupcakes, without adding the coconut flakes.

The cupcakes were lovely and spongy!
For the icing... I only had to whip cream with a bit of vanilla sugar and a sachet of this:

Yes!!!! The miraculous "Sahnefest" (5 sachets for 0,35 euro). You add it to the cream while beating it and it gets as thick as buttercream!! It's brilliant!!
So then you only need a piping bag...

Then I added the lovely sugar toppers I bought at Xenos (5 snowmen for 1,79€) . And this is the result:

I hope you like them...
Be ready for LOTS of Spanish Christmas Cupcake Recipes!!!!!


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