jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Flavours of Spain, part 1: SANGRÍA

Welcome to “Spain in a Cupcake”. This is the sister site of "Objetivo: Un Cupcake Perfecto", my blog in Spanish dedicated to Cupcakes.

My name is Alma and I’m a Spanish PhD Student living in Germany for a year. Whilst I’m studying here, and as I have my own kitchen, I’ve decided to learn to bake cupcakes… As I'm quite upset about the lack of Spanish recipes for cupcakes, I've decided to undertake a project, as stated in my Spanish blog: bring the flavours of traditional Spanish cuisine to the world of Cupcakes.

(Me celebrating the World Cup, haha)

Why did I create this sister blog? Answer: I thought it was a pity that the Cupcake Lovers who like Spanish cuisine but don’t speak Spanish couldn’t make use of the recipes. So, from now on, I’ll post the translation of all the recipes I develop for this project here!

The list of traditional Spanish dishes and drinks that I plan to create in the form of a Cupcake is loooooong: Chocolate con Churros, Sangría, Café con hielo, Paella, Tapas, Crema Catalana… I’ll try to use easy-to-find ingredients (as I said, I’m currently living in Germany, so I don’t have access to any Spanish ingredients that aren’t available abroad).
I’ll try to create the recipes myself but, of course, if I use any other authors’ recipes, I’ll always quote my sources. The recipes will be easy, I promise (otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to bake them myself!).

After this introduction, I would like to introduce my first recipe:


Yep, Sangría. For those who don’t know Sangría, it’s a traditional summer drink in Spain created with red wine + fruits + ice + sugar. Knowing that chocolate and red wine cupcakes exist… I thought why couldn’t Sangría cupcakes exist too?? A Sangría cupcake is basically a red wine cupcake with fruits and loooots of sugar.

I’ve created this recipe 100%, as I couldn’t find any similar ones online. I can tell you (after tasting the result) that it’s DELICIOUS and that the cupcakes truly taste of Sangría!

Ingredients (for 6 cupcakes):
  • 100 gr flour
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 100 gr glazed fruits (orange and lemon)
  • 100 gr butter
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 100 ml red wine
  • 1 egg
Mix all the ingredients as you’d do in any cupcake recipe. Add the red wine and the glazed fruits at the end.

You’ll notice that the mix is brownish, not red. If you’d like to recreate the red wine colour also in the batter, use red food colouring. I don’t like the idea of deep red cupcakes, so I decided to keep the natural colour, as I knew I would have to use red food colouring for the icing.
Oh! The alcohol disappears whilst the batter is in the oven, so even kids can eat this.
These are the results after 20 mins in the oven (180ºC):

(Pena que no podáis olerlos...)
For the Buttercream I used 75gr vegetable shortening, 40gr butter, 175gr icing sugar and 2 tbsp of red wine. (DON’T ADD WINE to the Buttercream if any children are going to eat these cupcakes). Then I added red food colouring, as the result without it was pink.

Then, I used a piping bag with a Wilton Sakura Tip (L) to decorate them, and added a couple more glazed fruits.

The result (delicious):

I hope you like my idea!



PS: Coming Soon… Cupakes de Brazo de Gitano! (Yep, that dessert whose literal translation in English is “Gipsy’s Arm”...)

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  1. Hi Alma! My name is Dalma. I'm from Hungary, but living in Japan. I love baking cupcakes and my parents love Sangria! I think I'll bake this for them next time I'm going home!!! Great idea! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. Alma.

    Me gusta mucho el concepto que has creado con tus cupcakes, muy original. Me gustaría seguir tu blog, pero no tienes ningún botón de RSS...

  3. Thank you Dalma!! I'm so glad you like my idea, I'm sure your parents will love the Sangría Cupcakes... they do taste like Sangría! :)

    Hola Vera! Acabo de añadir el botón de RSS! :)

  4. They look delicious! Thanks for a great recipe

  5. se ven divinos los bizcochitos! y la idea de este blog esta buenisimo. somos madrileños frustrados en puerto rico. vi esto por "cupcakes take the cake" y lo puse en mi blog. a ver que tal me salen!

  6. These caught my eye on Cupcakes take the Cake because they're beautiful and my sister and her husband have spent quite a bit of time in Spain visiting. Looks yummy, can't wait to try with them! Great idea!

  7. Que gusto encontrar un blog en espanol y dedicado a cupcakes, felicidades !!!!!!

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